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Which is best? Dr. Kapell's medical assistance with medical marijuana or going it on your own?

Updated: Aug 22, 2023

While many adults view marijuana as an innocuous recreational alternative to alcohol, there is another adult demographic that will be impacted by legal and easy-to-obtain marijuana.

Many people who suffer from a variety of medical conditions have been frustrated by treatment options for pain, nausea, and other chronic ailments. In many cases, more traditional medications do not provide relief, and opioid-based pain relief has been shown to be dangerously addictive. In states which have enacted legal medical marijuana measures, people undergoing chemotherapy or suffering from chronic pain and a variety of conditions can look to medical marijuana as an alternative source of relief. Therefore, don't hesitate to reach out and call us today to get an initial evaluation!

The patient needs to be evaluated by a physician as part of the process.

The physician, so Dr. Kapell at our office in West Springfield Massachusetts or via Telehealth, evaluates the patient’s condition and determines if marijuana is likely to be a good treatment for their specific situation. The physician will examine the patient, prescribe a medical marijuana card if indicated, and then will continue to monitor the patient as they begin their treatment.


At our practice, Lydia Kapell MD, Medical Marijuana Certificiaotn, you also get additional one on one education, a service that is unique to our practice. We believe that it is important for you, the patient, to be informed about marijuana, what your medical marijuana card now gives you access to, product-wise, and the overall level of education the patient can handle. We educate patients who have never used marijuana to those who have been long-term marijuana users who are now seeking medical marijuana certification and a medical marijuana card.

Research has shown that marijuana can be used effectively to help a variety of conditions, but self-medicating is never the best choice. Under a doctor’s care and guidance, medical marijuana can help many patients, but without such expert supervision, marijuana could be nothing more than an expensive diversion from appropriate treatment. That is why at our office, Medical Marijuana Certification Lydia Kapell MD, we make sure to do individual education and work with you, the patient, one on one, to come up with the right treatment plan for you!

Regardless of if you come into Dr. Kapell's office, in West Springfield Massachusetts, or you have your appointment virtually, you still get the same quality of care.

Furthermore, there are huge monetary discounts that a medical marijuana patient gets - please refer to the blog post - what's the difference between medical marijuana and recreational?

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