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How do I prove residency for medical marijuana in Massachusetts?

When applying for your Massachusetts medical marijuana card, you will need to provide proof of Massachusetts residency. You may use a Massachusetts driver’s license or Massachusetts ID, provided that the name and address listed on your card match the information included in your patient application. If you don’t have a Massachusetts ID, you may use a U.S. passport or U.S. military ID, but you must also include one additional proof of Massachusetts residency. Any of the following items will be accepted:

  1. Utility Bill (less than 60 days old)

  2. Current MA Motor Vehicle Registration

  3. Tuition Bill (less than 60 days old)

  4. U.S. Marriage Certificate (dated within past 6 months)

  5. Property Tax or Excise Tax Bill

  6. First Class Mail from Federal or State Agency (less than 60 days old)

  7. Car Insurance Policy or Bill (less than 60 days old)

  8. Current MA-issued Professional License

  9. Mortgage, Lease, or Loan (dated within past 6 months)

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